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Writer Stanton DeFreitas on the Value of Diversity

September 23, 2017

A primary reason Stanton DeFreitas chose to become a writer is because he truly wants to communicate his vision of a world in which everyone embraces diversity and fosters a more tolerant and peaceful world. He uses his platform as a writer to talk to people on a wide variety of issues, including many that are quite possibly the most important to the survival of the human species. of course, that means he writes about international current events, but he also writes extensively on international travel and international sports because they matter tremendously in the grand scheme of things.

Stanton DeFreitas also writes often on personal health and wellness, in part because that is one area in which all people and cultures share common ground. Stanton’s overarching desire is to show everyone who reads his work that people work better when they work together, among all of the many diverse cultures of the world. For example, what if a distant culture has the solution to a problem that has vexed your culture for a long time. unless you put aside differences to reach out, you won’t be able to solve that problem. People need to judge others less and branch out and interact more with others.